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Daniele Pascal

Learn French with Daniele

LEARN FRENCH with award winner actor, singer and playwright Dr Daniele Pascal who understands the power of delivery and confidence. She will encourage you to express yourself rapidly orally through conversation learning the foundation.

 A refreshing New style of teaching while learning a new culture reflecting modern usage. Beginners will learn step-by-step how to Speak, Read and Write quickly and easily through pronunciation of French sounds, phrases, and other conversational usages.

Learning starts with learning sounds and pronunciations not with grammar rules or vocabulary lesson. The grammar will come through understanding how conversations works orally the way you did when you learned your first language as a child starting with simple words and progressing to more complex phrases.

For intermediate or advanced students or those who want a thorough review to reinforce their knowledge, Daniele also offer special courses on speaking, reading, writing, idiomatic expressions, grammar and complex phrases.

The lessons are customized and personalised to each individual needs and will give students the confidence to express themselves.

The classes are fun, interactive and designed to fit in with any busy schedule. Learn at your own pace. No Group classes ! No Contract!..Course material provided. Phone us today.
Need a Quick Course for Travel or Business? Try Daniele's Basic French in 15 Lessons
The classes  are conducted at Villa Pascal Guest House and Theatre in Durbanville which has a relaxed  provencal atmosphere.
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French Translations
English/French Translations services offered

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French Voice-overs and dialogue coaching
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French Interpreting
English/French interpretation servces offered to Conferences, businesses, meet and greet